Modern Luxury Useful Resource Locally & Nationally

On the national scale, there is no real competitor to Modern Luxury. It’s a website, podcast, magazine and influence-source, wholly-owned subsidiary since 2010 of Cumulus Media, itself rapidly expanding via acquisition of local luxury magazines ever since. As a result, there are Modern Luxury affiliates covering the distinctive styles of hotbeds of fashion and taste like Aspen, Austin, Hawaii and the Hamptons, plus 24 other select affluent markets.

But since they’ve kept editorial coverage of local-market fashion trends, news and people, Modern Luxury has acquired the unique advantage of simultaneously covering what’s hot and happening both locally and nationally. That makes it a potentially useful first-degree resource for research by journalists, businesses, investors and dreamers. News we can all use from across the country and down your street:

Scottsdale: When prominent citizens make philanthropy foremost:

New York: When luxury boutique cosmetics come to Manhattan neighborhoods: See this piece featuring Barry Beck.

Philly: When M. Night Shyamalan returns to his hometown film festival:

Silicon Valley: When a media company tries to revolutionize the way that news is received and consumed:

And so on. Modern Luxury is still in the formative stages of their nationwide media conglomerate (albeit one focused on style, fashion and upscale living), but there is no other product serving those demographics in these markets. For now, and hopefully for the foreseeable, it figures to remain the standard-bearer for publicizing trend-setters.